Mariana milestones

Mariana was the first character to be developed, as she is the main character.

So far we’ve modeled, textured shaded her. She was modeled in Maya, rendered with Mentalray. Texturing was done using a combination of Maxon BodyPaint and Adobe Photoshop. Decal Master by Gabriele Tessaro was also used to place the Japanese tattoo on Mariana’s back (just in case you’re wondering, the tattoo means “life,” which is somewhat of a joke considering the story itself).

The look of the skin was done using the Mentalray SSS skin shader, using 2 different maps to control the light dispersion under the skin.

The hair and cloth were created using standard Maya tools.

Below you will find some rendering and animation tests.

Mariana final version turntable

Mariana final version turntable, close up

Mariana walk test

Mariana wrinkle test


~ by Aris on August 23, 2008.

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