Tormented combined details

We are always willing to take new people to join us on the production side. However, we want to keep this “as salvadorean as possible” so we will ideally work with people in our country (you know, it’s not the same to come up with a short film entirely done in our country).

Here are the combined details, format, cast and crew.

Original format: HDV 720p
Length: approximately 15 minutes
Release: 2009
Country: El Salvador

Arístides Rosa

Alejandra Abrego

Arístides Rosa

Karen Ileana Fernández – Mariana
Marielos Rosa – Girl
Karla Sofía Zamora – Mother
José Juan Interiano – Father


Pamela Albayero
José Contreras
Ronald Huezo
Mayra Morales
Rubén Orellana
Arístides Rosa

Pamela Albayero
José Contreras
Arístides Rosa

Harold Cáceres

Sound effects:
Harold Cáceres

Production company:
DO Studio

 Synopsis: This is the story if a little girl that was abused when she was alive. Now she’s come back from the dead in search for revenge, and to make others suffer as much as she did.

~ by Aris on August 23, 2008.

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