Rendering milestone

This is the first rendering pipeline test placing Mariana in an actual environment. The rendering pipeline is done in Maya using 6 different layers. That may not sound so extraordinary, but we’re trying to keep the layers to a minimum, thinking how to combine effects and such.

Still, for some shots it may be required to create additional layers.

The image below shows a direct Maya Mentalray output, rendering everything on a single pass just to see how it would look.


The next step was to come up with a layer setup that would allow to rebuild the image getting the original look.

This animation was also useful to find deformation problems. The arms, elbows and wrists need work, as well as the upper part of the breasts area, so that’s a “back to the rigging board” for her.

Below you can find the finished animation. It runs for a little over 8 seconds, and it runs twice so that you can watch it better.

I also made a Stereo comp test and it looks really good. The only problem is the fact that it doubles the rendertimes…


~ by Aris on October 4, 2008.

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  1. great job.. 😉

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