Finished characters, finished storyboard, and more

This is the first update of the year, and the first post in over a month. That doesn’t mean we’ve been lazy. We’ve actually been working on different things: characters, locations, storyboards.

The unapproved finished storyboard has 153 different shots, which may sound a little bit too much, but you have to consider the fact that a “shot” is each point of view, so if a scene has 4 points of view that makes up 4 shots.

The characters are now finished and fully rigged. You can see renders of the 4 different characters below.





We also put together a turntables reel featuring all the characters, including the two different versions of the mother and the little ghost girl.

The whole house is also being remade since the script changed so much since the first time we made a sketch of the house.

Right now the house doesn’t have any kind of ornaments nor texturing (the textures you see there are not the final textures).



On a side note, we’re also casting for voice talent. I’ll post more news about that on a future post.


~ by Aris on January 18, 2009.

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