Voice acting, layout, pipeline integration

Today we had our first voice recording session (we’re still missing 4 voices). It was a long day but we’re very pleased with the results. We can’t post any voice clips because of the NDA (although we came up with that NDA so we could break it if we wanted… and we don’t want to…).


I’ve uploaded some photos on a photo album on my Live account, so feel free to take a look.

On a side note, we’ve been busy integrating our Cinema4D with our Maya pipeline. The new COLLADA exporter in Release 11 is a wonderful thing, although it’s not without its flaws. Luckily we’re now sending our Cinema models with no problem.


Last week we had to ready our assets and now we’re also working on the layout. All of our four characters have at least 2 different versions (one for wide shots and a second one for close ups), but some of them have way more (for Mariana we have a “clean” version, a “dirty/dusty” version, a “blood stained” version and a “dry blood stains” version; each of those has a version for wide shots and a version for close ups, meaning we have 8 versions just for her).


The short film has around 156 shots setup in 110 shot-files (we’ve combined shots in one long sequence since sometimes the action you see on the screen is continuous). Those 110 shot-files are gathered in 6 different “sequences” or “chapters.” We’ve been working on the layout for 2 days and we’re now 37% done.


~ by Aris on February 12, 2009.

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