Animation stage, at last.


We’re finally starting with Animation. According to the final animatic, the running time is 11:30 minutes, and we have till the last week of April to finish. That means we need to turn in 30 seconds of animation each week (at least!).

The stats go like this:


Running time: 11:30 minutes
Sequences: 6
Animation shots: 110
Film shots: 156
Effect sequences: 4

For the animations we’re using the “light” cage-version of the characters, and a simplified empty house with nothing but stand-in geometry (or no geometry whatsoever). Those will be replaced by the “hero” models at render time.

Below you can watch one (and the only one) animation WIP. No more WIPs till the film is released. The only thing you’ll see between those two events will be the teaser trailer to be released on Friday March the 13th.

The clip only shows the first 80 frames of the animation. The complete shot runs for 156 frames.


~ by Aris on February 22, 2009.

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