Audio editing for everybody, and long road’s (near) end

Well, the 3D part of the film is finished, and we’re only waiting for the final sound mixing to be finished at ProArt’s offices. It’s been a very nice experience and we’ve learned a lot that will be applied on the next project (FYI, the next one is already under development, more information will be made available as we have something to share).



This project’s had quite a few firsts. This is El Salvador’s:
-first professionally made 3D animated short film
-the first non-kids-oriented animated short film (the original idea was to have a film that is not considered a kids movie)
-the first one to use semi-realistic characters
-the first one eye-candy enough to be in par with productions being made elsewhere in the world

This short is what it is thanks to an amazing teamwork. We at DO Studio try to innovate and reinvent ourselves on every project. That’s why we’re one of the leading companies in our country, and that’s why we simply rock (that was an awful commercial, but unfortunately it’s true 🙂 )


~ by Aris on May 27, 2009.

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