So, what’s next for “Tormented”?

We finished production approximately 2 months ago. The film workshop held a screening of the 6 projects on the 30th of June, so we got the chance to see what all the projects look like.

Regarding our film, there were some minor details that had to be fixed (the monitor belonging to the guys doing the final editing was not correctly calibrated, causing the film to look too dark… needless to say the final product included some “tweaking” on the levels and that resulted on a washed-out image when you watched it on the projector).

Luckily the film is fixed now, and everything looks and feels fine (as fine as possible, considering we barely finished on time).

It turned out “Tormented” was the shorter short film of all, running for only 9 minutes, while the others ran for 20+ minutes, and yet it was the one that took the more to produce. Not strange at all if you consider “Tormented” was the only animated short film of the workshop.

So, what’s next? We’re already working on the “Director’s Cut.” We’re pretty much going back to the film, fixing everything that needs to be fixed in both the animation and storytelling realm. The whole thing will be a little longer, although we don’t need to add another 9 minutes just to tell the story.

Some of the renders don’t look as good as they should either, so we’re fixing those. Then there’s the audio, and also the deleted scenes. Since we had to finish on time, one way or another, we decided to remove some of the scenes. Unfortunately, the story was affected by this decision but it was either finish on time or taking longer to produce it (which was a big no-no).

In the end the film wasn’t 100% what we expected but at least we DID finish on time, and that was more important that having the coolest movie ever but that nobody will ever watch because it was never finished.

And that’s where the Director’s Cut comes in. We will be finishing this one by late October, but we won’t be releasing it till July the 1st 2010 as right now the school has the distribution rights.

In the meantime, we’re already working on our next project (well, more like “planning the next project” than actually DOING it…). More on that when we have something to share 🙂


~ by Aris on July 19, 2009.

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