“Tormented” in the news

Just because the film is finished doesn’t mean we don’t have anything else to share!

Last week a local newspaper made a coverage on our short film. At first I thought this would be one of the “small side news that get posted somewhere,” but it turned out to be a full-page coverage (and also the main page on the “entertainment news”).

Here’s a scan of the newspaper page so that you can take a look. It’s in spanish but at least you get to see the page 🙂

cobertura diario el mundo

A transcript in english is found below. Keep in mind this is not a word-by-word translation but rather an english “interpretation” of the article:

The producers of the short film expect the film to be accepted in the festival "Animadrid" in Spain, as well as the "Icaro film festival" in Guatemala.

The production house DO Studio, under the direction of Sergio Rosa have made an CG animated horror short film titled "Atormentada," with the participation of the Film and TV workshop from the school Monica Herrera. Around 2 months ago they finished the horror film that runs for 9 minutes. It’s about a woman named Mariana, who is trapped inside a haunted house, and who tries to get out over and over against all odds.

In order to bring the characters to life, they used 2 different software packages, Maya and Cinema4D. The work is time consuming but it’s worth it once you get to see the result. "This is the second animated short film we’ve made. I’ve always been keen on movies and visual effects. The project was made with 6 other people and with the support of a few private entities" said the director.

Producing films in El Salvador is a real challenge, and the director is very aware of that. "Getting the funding for the cinematographic projects is very difficult here, but I hope things will change as more people create more and more films."

The film will open by the end of this month, but the place and date haven’t been set yet. In the meantime movie fanatics can watch the movie trailer at http://tormentedfilm.worldpress.com

By René Quintanilla, Diario El Mundo


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