Tormented travels to Guatemala and opening night

This Saturday Cinepolis El Salvador held a private screening organized by Festival Icaro 2009, a film festival that takes place in Guatemala this November.

The films screened in that event are the ones selected to represent El Salvador in the Festival in November. The good news is that our film “Tormented” was selected as one of the 4 animated films that will be screened during the festival.

You can find a link to the newspaper announcing this on the link below:

Presentan la muestra oficial del Ícaro 2009

Since a lot of you may not understand spanish, I took the time to make a transcript in english:

Festival Icaro El Salvador 2009 was held in Cinepolis. The best productions made in El Salvador were carefuly selected by the international jury conformed by Ana Xóchitl Alarcón, produced and educator; Juan Grillo, movie critic, and Guillermo Escalón, filmmaker and director of photography.

The films that will compete against those from the rest of Central America and the rest of the world in the Festival Icaro XII are varied. In the documentary category you can find "No te aguebes," by Benjamín Romero; "Acaxual," by Julio López and David Gallardo; "La Ciudad, la traición y la fe," by José Angel Mejía; "Flor de piedra Lily," by Marvin Aguilar and "Contaminería," by Juan Abrego.

In the long documentaries category, the films selected are "Llevarte al mar," by Jorge Dalton, and "colima," by Oscar Orellana. The featured projects in the short films category are "Bebé a primera vista," by Francisco Cáceres and "Parapsi," by Miguel Villafuerte.

Even if the feature films category received no entries, the animation category includes films like "Historia de un dolar," by Erick Alexander Renderos; "Cuidado al volar piscuchas," by Silvia Callejas; "Tough time for a tortoise," by Héctor Palacios, and "Atormentada" by Sergio Rosa.

In the "experiments" category you can find "Imágenes contemplativas I y II," by Alexia Miranda; "T.A.C. Trastorno Amoroso Compulsivo" and "Inclusión juvenil en el país de la salvación," by Sarbelio Henriquez.

Finally, in the news reportage category the selected projects are "Edwin, niñez sin rostro," by José Angel Mejía and "Angie y Kelly; mucho amor, poca comida," by Ernesto Villalobos.

Now the second thing I’d like to talk to you about. We finished this movie four months ago, and since then many have been wondering when they will be able to see the movie. Well, I just got an email anouncing that the opening night will be on October 22 2009 in Cinemark La Gran Vía.

This will be a closed event, obviously, reserved for the filmmakers, actors and crews of the different films. However, the movie will be available to the public the next day, October 23, so if you live in El Salvador (or happen to be in the country during that date) make sure to go to Cinemark La Gran Vía and grab a ticket.

We’re more than excited. Not only because this will be the first time one of our movies will be screened on the silver screen, but also because “Tormented” is the first 3d animated movie, made in El Salvador, screened on the silver screen 🙂


~ by Aris on October 2, 2009.

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