And the winner is… "Atormentada"

The Ícaro film and video Festival, in its 12° edition was held in Guatemala, and its the most important and most prestigious festival in Central America. El Salvador submitted 59 works into different categories, and only two managed to win the great prize. One of them is our short film “Atormentada” (“Tormented”), selected by the jury as the Best Animation in the contest.

Unfortunately none of team members was able to travel to Guatemala. However, the statue was received by the Ambassador of El Salvador: Silvio Mora Mora, who was there representing the director.

In the animation category there were 4 short films from Costa Rica, 3 from El Salvador, 2 from Guatemala, and 1 from Nicaragua.

The jury nominated 3 finalists: 2 shorts from Costa Rica and ours, selecting “Atormentada” as the winner.

We’reextremely proud of our work and also happy for this victory.

The project was made possible thanks to the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, Escuela de Comunicaciones Mónica Herrera, Pro-Art and all the members of the production team.

So now… to celebrate!!

For more info about the Icaro Film Festival click here. The winners list can be found here (we need to clarify that Giovanni Fabietti is not the director of "Atormentada"; that’s been a mistake made by the organizers of the Festival, who have been notified but who haven’t fixed the issue yet; the name of the director is Sergio Rosa, as can be seen on the image above).


~ by Aris on December 1, 2009.

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